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Golden Pineapple Productions

A different flavour of production company.

Guided by our values of creativity, spirituality and humour, we are an all-purpose creative outfit that allows us to examine and express the shared adventure of what it is to be living in the world right now. Exploring love, family, and loss, to climate change, politics and current affairs. 

Discovering and sharing stories to connect people by moving them while raising a smile is what we’re all about.

Whether it's through film, performance, the written word, podcasts, workshops, and beyond there’s no end to what lights us up and how we share our discoveries. We dream of taking our creative ideas around the globe to connect with other countries and cultures, so we can be inspired and learn from one another.

Why Golden Pineapple?

The colour Gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph... At the uppermost level, this is a colour which is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.
And Pineapple, due to their association with generosity, they were often consumed at religious feasts to symbolise warmth, prosperity and friendship.

The Boys

Off the back of a successful submission to St Kilda Festival with 'Will You Find Me?' Golden Pineapple Productions presents The Boys - a short film that looks at the impact of peer pressure, toxic masculinity and the role that guilt plays in our lives.

GPP is a newly established production company, creating films that inspire and move us and our audience. 

We were lucky enough to wrap filming on "The Boys” just prior to the fifth lockdown in Victoria and are excited to be able to commence post-production to complete this project.

We raised funds to help us with the final edit, colour-grade and music/sound composition of the film.

At GPP we believe in paying all our artists: our cast and crew. We also believe in asking for help, knowing together is better.

By supporting this project, you helped us on our mission to create great films, and assist in supporting the amazing makers that contribute to our projects.

Thank you all so much! 

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