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The Boys

Directed By Gabriella Rose-Carter

We follow Colin, a young man who finds himself caught up with group of school friends in an incident that plays on his conscience for the days to follow. Reckoning with the part that he has played, Colin comes face-to-face with Guilt.

The Boys is written by Finn McBurney. As a man in his early twenties, Finn wanted to explore the recent spotlight on the toxic behaviours of young men in society, the film was written in response to how our society, upbringing and culture all impact how we behave in the world and where these behaviours start.

In a post Me-Too world, we as a society are only beginning to scratch the surface of how insidious patriarchal ideals and toxic masculinity truly are. Looking at how early on these cultural ideas start to infiltrate the psyche of young people, how easy it is to get caught up in acts that go against personal beliefs and values, and how we as a community need to address these issues collectively. We hope that this film will start conversations around how we can hold ourselves and each other accountable to change.

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