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Long Day

Directed by William Atkinson

Written by local Melbourne musician Damian Marshall, Long Day is a poignant and soul-stirring response to the state of the world, and the simultaneously uplifting and heartbreaking experience of living present-day life.

“On a particular summers evening, I was standing outside my studio admiring the gorgeous sunset when I was struck with anger over recent events in the world. As I felt the anger rising, I was distracted by cockatoos returning to their nests. It was beautiful.

As a race, we’re up against it. A lot needs to change, and quickly, but it involves education, which takes time - a long day. The lyric “see what I want to see” is the hope, “see what the future brings” is the time it will take. The birds are the freedom of human thought and love, and the sunset is the change; essential ingredients to combat evil.

This song is certainly about hope and belief, but realising that it is going to take a long time.”

- Damian Marshall

You can find more of Damian’s music and gig info here:

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